Color scheme!!

Yesterday I met up with one of my commission painters for the first time. Brought him my models, talked Night Lords for a bit (he used to be an Ork player, LOADS AND LOADS of models, but only painting now), and talked about the colorscheme I had picked for my army.


I found this picture here and am rather fond of the metallic sheen, which I didn't expect to be honest. Also the blue being so dark makes for a nice contrast with the gold and vibrant red :)

He had already gone to his LFGS to discuss how to achieve this, and we tested various combinations on a different sections of a test-model.

result we're going for

Looking at this image, we're going with the color on and around the knee-joint. It's nice and dark, and yet I don't mind if the lighter blue peeks through at places. Also, it's most definitely not a mat color, it pops!

He reached this result using:

  • Based in Abaddon black.
  • Layered in Stormhost Silver.
  • Painted with a mix of Soulstone Blue and (still watered down, surplus of the basing) Abaddon Black.
  • Finished with a single layer of Drakenhof Nightshade.


I had never heard of that "Technical" paint before, apparently it's new (the red version used with the new 1K Sons models), but I love it! It's a paint that doesn't cover completely, therefor allowing the metallic look of the Stormhost Silver to pop through.

As for the lightning, Michiel said he'd use only 1 color (whereas most if not all of the tutorials use 2 or even 3), just the white, and then make the lines a bit fuzzy just before they dry up.

Up till now I was like the calculating logical guy, but since I've sent my minis to Michiel and Rob I'm really looking forward on getting them back!! :P

What do you think? Hit or miss?