Rules and Artefacts

Hi all!

A couple of weeks ago I posted my first army list. It was a Combined Arms Detachment, with which I chose 3 artefacts, 1 on my Chaos Lord and 2 on Aspiring Champions. It looked cool, had some positive remarks, and felt good!

Yesterday I updated Lone Wolf Army Builder which no entails the Traitor Legion supplement! Yay!

So, I went about filling in said 1K army list inthere, only to find out that I couldn't add the artefacts to the Aspiring Champions!?

Remarks with a unit

Looking in both the CSM codex and TL supplement, it states that you can only have 1 of each artefact per army, and only 1 item per model. Why then can I not assign an item to my Champions?

I asked around (ie. posted in the great community on G+) and it turns out you need to check the various units for the Option.

Well... shit...

Remarks with a unit

They were right. Of course...

Sucks to be me, but I need to do some rethinking :-)

There's an upside to it as well though. If I cannot take the 2 artefacts, I can take 2 spawn and maybe even make it a Murder Talon!!? *Grabs the calculator*

Have a good one!