This weeks round-up

Hi all,

I probably should cut this up in multiple smaller posts and skew the numbers, but hey...

It's been a cra-zy week... My mother-in-law was hospitalized for severe headaches which wouldn't recede. Turned out to be some sort of a - undetermined as of yet - viral infection, got sent home with painkillers to keep pain-level bareable.

So, in between going back and forth to the hospital, the following happened:

Received purchases order received

I received my stuff from! It took a month and a half due to stock being depleted and I wanted it in a single delivery. Opened the boxes, found out that the mentioned "included battle bags" for the mats weren't there. Contacted the company, they're being sent, with an apology. A further review on them will arrive at a later date. order received

I got a bag of medium length - 6mm - fake grass, so I can actually slap something on that palm tree base! Also awaiting "Spring GreenFlock", "Verdant Green Flock", "Silica Sand" and "Small grit" to complete said bases. I used Striking Scorpions tree movie for that list.

Created stuff

Photo Booth 1 Photo Booth 2 Photo Booth 3

I made a photo booth! Of sorts. It works better than the regular blue-ish geen wallpaper or the red and orange tablecloth as a background! You already saw the result in the photo of the terrain, more will be below :)

My first (for the second time) painted mini

First try Night Lords

Woohoo!! Totally stoked as I watched this evolve and dry. As you may remember, I tried painting a model some odd 3 years ago, to find out I sucked. Possibly I felt that way because I only had the crazy-super-over-the-top-detailed showcase models as a reference? I believe I age like wine, not milk - so yeah, vinagar at some point... - and my perception has perhaps altered?

I used the scheme descibed here, adding Wazdakka Red and Ushabti Bone for the details. Things I noticed myself: Boots/ankles are shit, I cannot draw between the lines (as in, gold trimming spilt onto the blue, red of the eyes is pretty much a faceplate), the blue is too dark (too much Abaddon Black, probably too thick on the wash), but that can all be improved. Mostly I'm baffled by how the skulls and fibre bundles came out!

The big question is though: Would you, as an opponent, be satisfied if I fielded models painted like this?!

Buildings and Crates for the terrain

Crates unpainted

The crates for the terrain are relatively large, they block line of sight completely for Space Marine size models, they're not just containing ammo... So, possibly fuel, explosives? Wouldn't it be okay to add some sort of "Roll regular to-hit, then 2D6 higher than 9 to make them explode as a S6 AP- hit, 1D6 for the range if they do" rule? Would make the environment that much more lively?

Generator and pipes

These a also rather large, and fuly obscure LoS, probably for anything less than an Imperial Knight. The pipes would be "difficult" terrain, the generators maybe even "dangerous" terrain with all the moving fans/and risk of explosion and all?

Crates based

I based them with watered down Abaddon Black, layered with Leadbelcher (which is labeled as a base).

Crates painted

Here they are, finished up with Wazdakka Red, Warplock Bronze on the valve up top and the hinges/locks, washed thickly with Nuln Oil.

As you can see, I truly suck at sticking to the right surfaces with the paint, but especially with terrain that is hardly noticable.

Possible other combinations of coloring would be Kantor or Macragge Blue filled out triangles with Leadbelcher framing, or possibly Wazdakka Red tirangles with Hashut Copper framing? yes, my collection is rather limited right now. No greens. At all. Damn.

Crates painted

Crates and model combined looks rather good!?

Crates painted

Zoomed out shot, including the palm tree I made recently.

What do you guys think!? Should I be happy, fired up to improve, or just grateful I got this far? ;-)

sidenote: In real life the red is much, much darker. Looks better than in the picture, which leans towards almost a pink?

Joined a forum

Lately I've been watching a fair share of Wargamer: Fritz movies on Youtube. Although sometimes being additive or even contradictionary (let's call it an abundant of choices for now), they do give me insight in how an army works, and how to incorporate units into them. It also leads me into a "I gotta have this, and that too, and Oh, shiney!" train of thought, thinking about a swiss army knife setup, which in the end adds up to 2500+ points, whereas I should be focussing on a basic army first, and get some matches done :P

The forum - which can be found here - isn't that crowded, but seems filled with skilled people. Although it has over 3000 members, the amount of posts isn't huge or frequent, but level of content is quite appealing!

Another Commission

As most of my readers hang out in the same "social environment", you may well have heard of D Power. If not, check him out. He does amazing conversion work, his models look fantastic!

Most of the terrain/building pieces that are out there are Imperial in their subjects. Heroes, Emperors, Mechanicus and whatnot. I want to off-set that with some darker subjects. I asked him if he could make a statue depicting Konrad Curze in his final breath moment, beheaded by the Callidus Assassin, teaching his farther the ultimate lesson: "Death is nothing compared to vindication". The general idea behind it is this: The Night Lords used fear and extreme punishment to reach compliance. The Emperor at some point stated that the Night Lords broke the rules and ordered the killing of their Primarch. The same extreme punishment they utilize themselves. Denying the assassin her kill would go against their own dogma, and would admit they were wrong. So, Konrad accepted sentence and did not put up any fight.

Also, some skinning pits... And custom Chaos Spawn, based on Raptor or Terminator models. The pits will be done, the Spawn may take some time due to other projects.

Cannot wait!! :-)

During the weekend I might spend some time on cutting/assembling the Heldrake and/or Vindicator. Painting the Heldrake seems like a bridge too far with my current skills. The vindicator on the other hand... I'm gonna need a big brush to basecoat it though! :P