More greenery and a weekly update

Hi lads/lasses!

Didn't get much done last week, but completely related did have some nice messages from people that are doing commission work for me.


D Power is doing a statue for me, as well as some skinning pits for sideshows/objective markes, and on top of he had extra time on his hands, meaning he has started on a couple of Chaos Spawn!! So thrilled!!

30K Plus 40K has made a sample out of the Forgefiend-leg that snapped off during transit. LOVE IT!!!


I had ordered some stuff like Green Stuff, Lichen and Lichen, Flocks and grits (Verdant and Spring green, to mix with the long grain I received the week before) from the UK, and had them delivered last week.

Saturdays I did my round to the local Pound Store equivalent, called the "Action", to get some plastic boxes to store it all in. Also, more grit (like 1Kg for 80 cents). On sunday I spent some time with the toolbox, and tested my gluing/painting/grassing/liching-skills on them.

For the "shrubbery" I followed Winters SEO-s video as linked on the top, the palm tree I already mentioned some posts ago.

As I didn't have regular sands, I went past the petstore and purchased a cilinder of that stuff you put on the bottom of a bird cage?

Bases and shrubs

Plam tree topping

I totally like the results!!! I didn't follow the coloring-schemes in either situations. For the plam tree I used a Mournfang Brown base, then highlighted with Zamesi Desert and on top of that a White Scar. I put on PVA glue, chucked in some pebbles, and moved it through the box of sand.

2 variaties of bushes

For the Bushes I tried 2 different things:

  • (left side) -- Use Green Stuff for the plants. Glue pebbles with regular glue (not hobby glue, not super glue). Let it dry, then PVA glue, then sand. Paint it Zamesi Desert, Ashanti Bone, with White Scar on top.
  • (Right side) -- Use hot glue gun for plants and pebbles. Watered down (like 50%) PVA Glue on the entire base, then sand. The coloring I did with a very watered down (into a wash) Deathclaw brown giving it a more muddy, reddish look. Then highlighted with the same creamy Zamesi Desert and a thin Ashanti Bone op top of that.

I can't decide which I like better. As you can see with the left one, the sand covers the rocks completely, creating a seemingly uneven ground. Trade-off with having no rocks visible. The one one the right you get more contrast with the black pebbles. I'll have to give it some time which I like best.


2 variaties of bushes

Here you see a model with both types of bushes and the bases of the palm trees on top of the gaming mat.

Have a pleasant week!