Painting, the basics by IDICbeer, and Night Lords update

Not having done anything myself lately related to 40K, as I'm severly anticipating painted models to be return by 30K Plus 40K equals Infinity, who is painting a champion, a Forgefiend, Raptor Lord, and a Daemon Lord so far, starting off shortly with the Land Raider and Imperial Knight scenery. I'm thrilled about the results, the incorporeal really coming into its own, and Rob is doing a bang-up job! Please note the minor details on the daemon lord, where the flesh meshes with the metal of the "exhausts" on the shoulders, as well as the very nice blending of the metal and flesh on the Forgefiend?!

Next to that, I'm alone with a Dream, or D in short, has finished and sent off my 5 Chaos Spawns and Conrad Kurze statue!! Hoorah!! And on top of that, he's nearly finished with some land marker and the "Pool of Bethesda" interpretation!! Will post pictures of the final result when the package comes in, having traveled literally half-way around the world :)

In the meanwhile I have decided to attend a Dungeons and Dragons group, where I shall be playing a stout but not so very noble Paladin. I've been about purchasing models for "mobs" on the cheap, as well as purchase a self-made series of 5 models to be my avatar through the level 1 through 20 :)

I'm not sure whether or not I should be discussing that here, as it is all centered around Warhammer 40K of course...

Also, I found the Youtube series "Back to basics" by IDICbeer 40K, which is featured on top of this post.

Even if you're a hard core veteran, you most likely pick something out to improve your painting. I know I sure have, being the noob that I am!! Especially the items on paints and brushes were extremely helpful! It tought me to be patient, and take care of my brushes for instance. Immediately purchased some "The masters brush cleaner and preserver", which was highly required for some brushes, as well as some of those recommended "Series 7" brushes, to make sure that only my hands are the limiting factor to a good result. Not sure if I'll be using them very shortly though, as my still brutish approach might just reck them...

I also found that I'm not fond of this thing called edge-highlighting. It seems to "clean" to me, as well as requiring high grade of painting skills. I will stick to the washes and dry brushing I think. That being said, this serie has given me more confidence that even I can get a more than decent result out of a mini!

Hope to have more content in the near future!