Just now I got a message from a seller on Marktplaats, a Dutch version of eBay because we Dutch are weird like that, stating he accepts my offer on the following: 5 Raptors 9 Terminators 6 Chosen 1 Psyker in Terminator armor 1 Daemon Prince with wings, without a sword A box full of bits For the lovely price of 75 EUR (65 GBP/79 USD as I'm typing)!! Some of the termies and the chosen are from the

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Yesterday I woke up very early, too early (5.3o AM), and the Mrs. was out for the count (didn't get up until 11 AM-ish), so I had time on my hands. By the end of the day I had removed the following off of the sprue, cleaned the excess/residual particles (what's the proper English term for that anyway!? I mean the little lumps of plastic still on the model-parts when you cut them from the sprue)

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Sidenotes Use Superglue (Secondelijm in Dutch, I used the Gel variant, not Liquid), not Plastic Glues on the magnets. To make sure that magnets polarities are aligned properly I did this: Glue one magnet to the model, and let dry. Attach another magnet to the glued one. If it sticks, the polarity is right. Use a permanent marker (sharpie?) on the side that is visible to you. Let the ink dry. When

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I have a couple of posts to come in my head. I've mostly broke down, reassembled and magnetized a Forgefiend, put together a Culexus Assassin, some cultists and am pondering on which material to use for magnetizing weapons on a Land Raider (ie. can I use pieces a lid of a vegetable jar for instance? Too many words, not enough time made to order them...

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So, with Dark Vengeance rulebooks and Codices (CSM and Traitor Legions) in hand, I'm dabbling on my first list, with a limit to 1000 points. So I'm aiming for this: 1000 Pts - Chaos Space Marines Roster Combined Arms Detachment (Primary Detachment) (36#, 999 pts) 195 pts - 75 pts base + 5x 13pts/model + 2x 10pts/melta + 1x 35pts/Rhino 9 Chaos Space Marines (Infantry; Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades;

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So, probably going nicely with the desert mat I'm expecting, would be these palm trees as seen made by "SS82" over on youtube? What do you think? Too much work, too brittle, not enough goodlooking?

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So, I'm purchasing 2nd hand stuff left an right, getting some STEALS in the process!! However, my mind is reeling on the rules... Which type is a unit? how many can I take? Do I give them upgrades? Are they worth it? Why can't I take a Land Raider Crusader, even though we've had how many Black Crusades!!? And when you look up a unit or formation or detachment, you get to the "They can, unless,

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