I'm all about that base, that base, no model... Sorry, bad joke. Nevermind, my singing-voice is pretty shit anyway :P So, I saw this video over on Youtube, featured on top of this post, which showed how to create "cracked earth" results. Pretty neat, pretty excited, and then I saw that bonus in the end (starting at 08.39 minutes)... Mind Blown! What an amazing effect! Having receive my Daemons

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Hi all! Just a small update, not related to tabletop: I got featured in a "Better Know A Blogger" series, done by St Andrews Wargaming! I got some fun questions through the mail, which I answered and are now up for grabs. The Blog itself is a very nice read. Although I'm not overly fond of the blogspot.com setup, I like the means they provide to non-techies, or just folks that don't want to spend

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