Although I haven't painted anything myself (yet?), I do have an interest. I watch tutorials, I watch showcases, etc, etc. A couple of weeks ago I ran into the video by Tabletop Minions that's visbible above this post. It evolves about using your paint for a longer period of time without it drying out (as quick). What is shown is how to make a so-called "wet palette", which keeps the paint humid

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Yesterday I met up with one of my commission painters for the first time. Brought him my models, talked Night Lords for a bit (he used to be an Ork player, LOADS AND LOADS of models, but only painting now), and talked about the colorscheme I had picked for my army. I found this picture here and am rather fond of the metallic sheen, which I didn't expect to be honest. Also the blue being so dark

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Sidenote Use safety measures!!! Latex gloves and glasses (if you don't wear them yourselves, but even then...) are a must! Make sure you're in a ventilated room! The fumes can be pretty bad for you. Clean up after you're done. Your partner will like you for it :) Process Today I removed a couple of Chaos Terminators from their "methyl alcohol" bath (gedenatureerde alcohol in Dutch, 96% pure), in

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