Due to an earlier "debacle" with my 1st Army List, I had to do a serious review. Here's my second attempt, in which I even managed to cramp in the friggin' Murder Talon!! In a 1K Army!! Universal Special Rules: Veterans of the Long War (VotLW): +1 Leadership, cannot exceed value 10, and grants "Hatred (Space Marine)" special rule. Hatred (Space Marines): Re-roll failed to-hit rolls when fighting

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Hi all! A couple of weeks ago I posted my first army list. It was a Combined Arms Detachment, with which I chose 3 artefacts, 1 on my Chaos Lord and 2 on Aspiring Champions. It looked cool, had some positive remarks, and felt good! Yesterday I updated Lone Wolf Army Builder which no entails the Traitor Legion supplement! Yay! So, I went about filling in said 1K army list inthere, only to find out

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So, I'm purchasing 2nd hand stuff left an right, getting some STEALS in the process!! However, my mind is reeling on the rules... Which type is a unit? how many can I take? Do I give them upgrades? Are they worth it? Why can't I take a Land Raider Crusader, even though we've had how many Black Crusades!!? And when you look up a unit or formation or detachment, you get to the "They can, unless,

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