It's like stepping onto a new world. It feels like the first post on this blog... I haven't posted about how I've gotten my army-pieces back from my painter few weeks back. After having waited almost half a year. Ach, Humbug! I haven't posted about my ideas on building a strikeforce army. I haven't posted about not having played a single game. I haven't posted about receiving other plasterpaint

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So... I got a package delivered today, which turned out to be the custom build Chaos Spawn and Konrad Curze - I keep mixing up the initials - statue by "D", all the way from New Zealand!!! While initially it was a bummer as I hadn't anticipated the Customs Clearance fee (of course very legitimate), but seeing what I was paying for, I didn't mind all too much... Drum-roll in the back of my head,

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I came across this video a couple of months ago, just thought of it again, and decided to share it with you :) The movie is made by Winters SEO, of whom I watch bat reps and reviews as well. It's fun too watch, although after all this time I still haven't gotten used to the fading out and in of the microphone when cutting between scenes. It's not done in every movie, but for some reason it just

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So, probably going nicely with the desert mat I'm expecting, would be these palm trees as seen made by "SS82" over on youtube? What do you think? Too much work, too brittle, not enough goodlooking?

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So, I'm purchasing 2nd hand stuff left an right, getting some STEALS in the process!! However, my mind is reeling on the rules... Which type is a unit? how many can I take? Do I give them upgrades? Are they worth it? Why can't I take a Land Raider Crusader, even though we've had how many Black Crusades!!? And when you look up a unit or formation or detachment, you get to the "They can, unless,

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