I deny your Grimdark and substitue with my own!


This post is not about religion. For those that are not familiar with Warhammer 40K, its characters, lore, fluff/context and actions are based upon - or strongly related to - ancient history, in this specific case the Bible. It is not meant as sarcasm or mockery, simply an - somewhat twisted, admittedly - addendum to the already existing universe of Games Workshops Warhammer 40K. I'm not a satanist, I will not sacrifice my first-born. If you are religiously sensitive, please move away from this post.

Hi all!

I received my second shipment from D Power out of New Zealand last week. The box contained a scenery dubbed "The Pool of Bethesda" plus some small scatter markers (for lack of a better word).

The story about the Pool is that every once in a while, an angel touches the water, and the first person to enter after that would be cured of his/her illness.

My Night Lords now have such a pool. Of Blood. Which - if my opponent allows, spawns a pack of traitor guardsmen/cultists every round (maybe when rolling a 5+?).

And if the opponent does not? It's fantastic piece of scenery, which might be incorporated into some sort of King of the Hill mechanic?

The setup is cool, the quality is amazing. It takes "Grimdark" to the next level IMHO. A Night Lord with a cloak of skin, blood and guts everywhere, it's pretty darn close to a skinning pit as described in the Night Lord Trilogy by "ADB".


Pool of Bethesda Overview

Pool of Bethesda Close up 01

Pool of Bethesda Close up 02

Pool of Bethesda Guardsmen 01

Pool of Bethesda Guardsmen 02

Pool of Bethesda Guardsmen 03

Pool of Bethesda stretched faces


These are the small "markers" D created. Depiction of various states of well-being (well... Two, really. Dead or Dying...) and can be scattered across the gameboard, adding that little bit of Grimdark flavour. If I put on some dice, they actually are objective markers. Custom mission anyone!?

Pool of Bethesda stretched marker 01

Pool of Bethesda stretched marker 02

Pool of Bethesda stretched marker 03

Pool of Bethesda stretched marker 04

Pool of Bethesda stretched marker 05

Pool of Bethesda stretched marker 06

Again D did not let me down. Although the initial plan was to actually recreate the skinning pits mentioned before, this turned out to be rather difficult or elaborate or heavy in weight, so he came up with an alternative which quite appealed to me (in-game that is).

Writing this up, I'm pretty curious as to what ADB would think of it?

Have a great weekend folks, and stay tuned for a post in the next couple of days on the return of my commission from Rob.