Wound markers and crates

Hi all,

Just a short post on some painting I've done.

Wound Markers

I got these wound markers off of eBay (I came across them when browsing for some dice), thought they would be a wonderful addition to the game instead of having dice next to the models. They're really, really small though, I'm not sure they'll "work" with tanks for instance, or even last very long as they seem to be prone to get out of sight, hahahaha

Anyway, basic black glossy skulls, tiny (as in, smaller than a pinky fingernail), how do I keep them in place so I can paint them!!?

Quickly decided on using a similar tiny pair of scissors, stick the pointy end in an eye-socket and work my way around it, not painting the sides.

I bougth 2 packs, thinking I could not only use them for wounds, but also Crew Shaken, Immobilized, that kind of stuff. As they are numerous, I opted to use different colorschemes on the two sides, so they can be used for either goal!

basecoat done

I used Leadbelcher as a base on both sides.

wound marker paints

wound marker done

So, the paints I used in sequence:

  • Leadbelcher (with a dab of water)
  • Ulthuan Grey (multiple dabs of water)
  • Drakenhof Nightshade
  • Wazdakka red
  • White Scar

The Ulthuan Grey I applied the same way as the base, but watered down so have the base shine comes through still. It didn't really work out but the black still comes through, and I likey! The red and white was thickly drybrushed from the forehead (red) and eye-sockets (white) down to the bottom-side of the piece.

wound marker paints

wound marker done

In sequence:

  • Leadbelcher (with a dab of water)
  • Gehenna's Gold (multiple dabs of water)
  • Nuln Oil
  • Troll Slayer Orange
  • Warpfiend Grey

Layering same way: Watered down gold to make the shiney, shiney still work, some nuln oil to darken it up a bit, then the orange thickly drybrushed on the forehead, with the grey up from the eye-socket/nose cavity.

Endresult without flashlight

Endresult with flashlight

Here's the results next to each other, the former without flash, the latter with flash. I like how the metallic sheen keeps coming through, and how morbit the wound-side became. proud


I had some more crates to be done, I tried out some different color-combinations. Same principle as the previous ones: Base, 2 different layers, wash.

Blue with silver

Blue ones:

  • Caledor Sky all over
  • Lothern Blue on the big surfaces
  • Stormhost Silver on the ribs
  • Nuln Oil on the big surfaces
  • Gehenna's Gold on the lid, locks and hinges.

I tried one (the left one) with the Soulstone Blue technical paint instead of the Nuln Oil, to see if it make the blue "pop". It does, but I'm not pleased with that result. The Grimdark is totally gone...

Green with white

Green ones:

  • Castellan Green all over
  • Loren Forest on big surfaces
  • Ulthuan Grey on the ribs
  • Nuln Oil on the big surfaces and on horizontal lines to make them stand out.
  • Gehenna's Gold on the lid, locks and hinges.

I didn't pay any attention to staying within the lines, as they're scenery, it's "just" for the mood I guess.

Have a great weekend!!!