And that's a Land Raider done...

Small post on my work today: I built a Land Raider :)

See you next time!

Kidding of course, but pretty uneventful.


  • With a Land Raider there might be a few shared parts (mostly weapons I guess). Before you start, decide for yourself what to magnetize, and search for the common "denominator" if you have mutliple attachments, and whether or not you want to use it.
  • Read the manual and maybe watch some the youtube-videos completely before you start. Know what to expect!
  • Use Superglue (Secondelijm in Dutch, I used the Gel variant, not Liquid), not Plastic Glues on the magnets.
  • To make sure that magnets polarities were aligned properly I did this: Glue one magnet to the model, and let dry. Attach another magnet to the glued one. If it sticks, the polarity is right. Use a permanent marker (sharpie?) on the side that is visible to you. Let the ink dry. When you're ready to attach that second magnet, put it on the model WITH THE MARKED END FACING DOWN.
  • The sponsons are quite large and the magnets don't necessarily touch (you could use Green Stuff if you want to make sure they do). You'll need powerful magnets for that. You can stack them to increase their power.

The Land Raider is a feared item on the tabletop. High Armor Values with some big guns and still a big storage unit, it can be used to deliver manpower into the thickest of fighting.

There is a Chaos equivalent, but not liking daemon heads, etc. on the model (although I probably opt for some gore left and right, it's still the Night Lords!), I picked this one up 2nd hand for a fair price.

The Build

The model is pretty darn old I think?

Old model Land Raider?

The sprue-parts are unnumbered, copyrighted in the year 1999, unusual plastic material as well. Only the tank tracks were labeled on the parts themselves (L1-L9 and R1-R9).

sprue and manual

No additional weaponry available on the sprues, which is a shame, only the 4 Lascannons. No Hurricane Bolter, no Assault Cannons or multi-melta. I would've liked it to be able to morph into a Crusader pattern. It's not like Chaos is allowed to put it on the table anyway, but there's always the next Codex, right? Right! :)

I decided to magnetize the guns anyway, just to get some experience under my belt, and of course the sponsons are magnetized so transport is easier, and a "weapons destroyed" result can be made visible.

Body assembled

Here you see the body assembled. I glued the "inside side-panels" into place (the manual says to not do that), as I want the magnets put on the outside of them. I put the weapons in the front section, as which sane (even if Chaos) person would exit the vehicle IN FRONT OF A COUPLE OF HUGE BARRELS THAT CHANNEL INFINITE POWER!!?

The Assault ramp opens and closes very smoothly.

Sponson Magnets #01

Sponson Magnets #02

I used some 8mm x 1mm magnets on both the "inside side-panels" and the sponsons. The connection was nice and powerful, moving along! :)

Lascannon cover #01

Lascannon cover #02

For the magnetizing of the weaponry (who knows, I might pick up some stray bits here and there?) I used 4mm x 0.5mm magnets all around, cutting off completely the spikes on which the lascannons were supposed to be placed.

There were some spacing-issues though... cutting off the spikes and placing 2 magnets makes the lascannons come too close to the strud in the middle, blocking movement completely and making the cannons stand crooked. I added another magnet to the cannon to create some extra space.

But, when doing that, the top cover no longer fits... I decided to cut the cover up, twist it around to make it a side-cover...

When mounting the entire sponson again and wiggle the Landraider around the sponson came off again. Too much weight, the magnet couldn't cope. I simply added a second magnet to both "inside side-panels", problem solved.

As this was a 2nd hand purchase, the top cover was already base coated. I had to scrape off some of the paint, to make sure the plastic glue would take.

However, somewhere in the process of getting it glued I think I applied too much glue or pressure as the Assault ramp won't open anymore!? Well.... Shit.... :(

I didn't fuss overly much on it, as it's something not used a lot I guess, but it's definitely worth a mention to keep others from doing the same thing... Not paying attention!!

The Result

I'm pleased with how it came out :)


Land Raider disassembled

Put together:

Land Raider put together

I dub thee "Storm's Eye"!! Sow fear and reap rewards on the battlefield!!

The turrets are not magnetized by the way, but it does make transport easier and safer, especially for the missile launcher! ;)

See you next time, and have a good week!!