Hi folks! Here's a look at the new shinies I got the other day. They're done by Rob, over at 30K plus 40K equals infinity, over the span of a few months. He had some delays, weather, moving houses, lack of stock in his FLGS, but came through like a champ! I'm thrilled with the results, and he's every bit the skilled painter I made him out to be! Overview A group-photo. Not too thrilled about it

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DISCLAIMER This post is not about religion. For those that are not familiar with Warhammer 40K, its characters, lore, fluff/context and actions are based upon - or strongly related to - ancient history, in this specific case the Bible. It is not meant as sarcasm or mockery, simply an - somewhat twisted, admittedly - addendum to the already existing universe of Games Workshops Warhammer 40K. I'm

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Hi all! Along with the Spawn we saw earlier, I received a custom kitbash statue of Konrad Curze in the mail! Like the Spawn, it's created by "D Power" in New Zealand, and depicts the final moment of a Primarch being assassinated on command of Big E (being the Emperor of Mankind) himself. Background The story behind the moment is philosophical. After Chaos made the Emperors lab go boom, Konrad

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So... I got a package delivered today, which turned out to be the custom build Chaos Spawn and Konrad Curze - I keep mixing up the initials - statue by "D", all the way from New Zealand!!! While initially it was a bummer as I hadn't anticipated the Customs Clearance fee (of course very legitimate), but seeing what I was paying for, I didn't mind all too much... Drum-roll in the back of my head,

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Not having done anything myself lately related to 40K, as I'm severly anticipating painted models to be return by 30K Plus 40K equals Infinity, who is painting a champion, a Forgefiend, Raptor Lord, and a Daemon Lord so far, starting off shortly with the Land Raider and Imperial Knight scenery. I'm thrilled about the results, the incorporeal really coming into its own, and Rob is doing a bang-up

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