External Links

A page which holds a list of links to external pages, things I like to keep handy for my endeavor in the Warhammer universe.

I'm linking to secure locations (as in HTTPS) as much as possible, even if the provider doesn't do that itself (they should), and make notes where possible.

Please be aware! This software doesn't allow for opening new tabs to be opened unless I actually start using HTML code which kind of defeats the purpose. So, use Ctrl+click or right-click and Open in new tab. Sorry...

Painting Commission

These are some links to people that do commission painting work.

  • 30k plus 40k equals infinity - I've sent quite a few models to him in January. They are in his queue.
  • Michiel Dijkhuizen - I've brought him most of my 1K army for paint. They are in his queue.
  • D Power - A truly unique style, to say the least. I'm pondering a Konrad Curze statue, and some skinning pits from his hand.

Reading material

  • Warhammer 40K Google+ community
  • Dakka dakka - I linked to the HTTPS site at first, which currently results in errors, as the certificate is not similar to the URL.
  • Bell of Lost Souls - I linked to the HTTPS site, which currently results in errors, as there is static linking to HTTP resources... Most images won't show. If this bothers you, please change the url back to HTTP in your address bar.
  • Warhammer 40K Wikia Fandom - This link automagically reverts to HTTP. I keep linking to HTTPS though, as I hope they might upgrade their content in the future.
  • Warhammer 40K Lexicanum - I linked to HTTP here, as HTTPS generates an error about invalid certificate (for belloflostsouls.net no less), and then redirects you to Bols' website...



  • Ebay Green Stuff - The Troll Trader - UK based - I had very good service with them, delivered as they said they would. Decimates GW's offer value for money.
  • Ebay Copper Wire - wirescouk - UK Based - Purchased 14 gauge (1.6mm) wire to create some palm trees. To be received.
  • Spider Magnetics Ltd - UK based - F$#king expensive in the Netherlands it seems. You'd pay 20 EUR for 100-ish magnets of a SINGLE SIZE. With Spider I paid some 40-ish EUR for almost SEVEN HUNDRED magnets, of various sizes, including overseas Postage!
  • GameMat.eu - Purchased two mats and some scenery here. I think the "deliver painted" option is too expensive, contact is done with a gmail-address, but I think it's a startup of sorts.
  • Bits of War - Polish store, not limited to Warhammer 40K. It seems mostly focused on Orks "of all walks of life", but also Nurgle seems to be getting some love. I purchased some hobby stuff here, primarily the 2-handed chain swords for the Xarl-conversion I have in mind.
  • Games Workshop - Introduction isn't required me thinks?
  • Forge World - As far as I know, this started out as a full-blown 3rd party supplier, but became kind of a subsidery of GW a while ago, and now still supplies more 3rd party stuff, yet more in line with GW's catalog. Also, 1300 EUR for a titan, without the weapon arms even.