Where I assembled more stuff, and proud of my terminators-job!

Yesterday I woke up very early, too early (5.3o AM), and the Mrs. was out for the count (didn't get up until 11 AM-ish), so I had time on my hands.

By the end of the day I had removed the following off of the sprue, cleaned the excess/residual particles (what's the proper English term for that anyway!? I mean the little lumps of plastic still on the model-parts when you cut them from the sprue) and assembled the following things:

  • A Chaos Rhino
  • A Culexus Assassin (new plastic model)
  • A Vindicare Assassin (OOP resin model)
  • A Chaos Daemon Prince (which doesn't have wings included and is a resin model!?)
  • A Chaos Lord with jump Pack (resin model)
  • 5 Terminators

As I will most likely fiddle with the terminator loadouts (I would like some additional Chainfists and Auto Cannons in the future, as well as a full set of Lightning Claws) I decided to magnetize the terminator arms in the process, based on this Striking Scorpion video.


The Rhino came out really nice:

Rhino is nice

The turret is not glued, so I can remove it whenever I encounter a "weapons destroyed" result. Heck, I don't even know if it's allowed to have a weapon when used as a dedicated transport?!

I did put a coin at the bottom of the turret, to add weight and prevent it from falling out a bit more.

The Terminators had quite a few bits:

Terminators on the sprue

But as they're almost identical, removing the excess wasn't too troublesome.

Pieces cleaned

When done with the cleaning up, I noticed that I had 16 arms, but only 10 shoulder guards... WTF... Some business model, eh? (I quickly checked the Chaos Terminator Lord, and turns out he has 8 different arms, and only 3 shoulder guards, lol!). In the meantime I went to this store and ordered some more shoulder guards. Not in a rush, as I only field 3 termies in my 1K army, so we're all good.

Left arms magnetized

Here you see that I used the 2mm x 1mm magnets - which are no longer available on their site, only the 0.5mm ones - using a metal palette knife to work around having to use plastic with a stack of magnets on the other end, which drop off or jump to the inserted magnet when you remove the plastic from said inserted magnet.

Arms detached

The other arms I cut off at the same spot (ie. just below the shoulder joint), applied some 4mm x 0.5mm magnets, glued the shoulders into the shoulder guards and then onto the model.

The endresult

Arms attached

The terminators look AWESOME if I say so myself. Even when not yet painted it is really difficult to see that they're magnetized, which is just as I wanted!

close up

You see what I mean? Or rather, you don't see what I mean? hahaha.

The other models

These are the other models I put together. The resin models require superglue instead of plastics glue, and I fused stuck my fingers together while getting the hang of it... :-)

Have a pleasant day!!!


Those resin models are FRA-GILE!!! Damn....