It's like stepping onto a new world. It feels like the first post on this blog... I haven't posted about how I've gotten my army-pieces back from my painter few weeks back. After having waited almost half a year. Ach, Humbug! I haven't posted about my ideas on building a strikeforce army. I haven't posted about not having played a single game. I haven't posted about receiving other plasterpaint

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So... I got a package delivered today, which turned out to be the custom build Chaos Spawn and Konrad Curze - I keep mixing up the initials - statue by "D", all the way from New Zealand!!! While initially it was a bummer as I hadn't anticipated the Customs Clearance fee (of course very legitimate), but seeing what I was paying for, I didn't mind all too much... Drum-roll in the back of my head,

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Sidenotes I'm using the Battlescribe Markdown Export, to check and see if it works on the site... I may have to create some sort of auto-correct script, as the asterixes don't really work for me I think. Here we are again, with another Army List. I'm going to have to revise my 1K army - again - as it was scrutinized and found wanting... However, I got the Kill Team rulebook now, and that might

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Due to an earlier "debacle" with my 1st Army List, I had to do a serious review. Here's my second attempt, in which I even managed to cramp in the friggin' Murder Talon!! In a 1K Army!! Universal Special Rules: Veterans of the Long War (VotLW): +1 Leadership, cannot exceed value 10, and grants "Hatred (Space Marine)" special rule. Hatred (Space Marines): Re-roll failed to-hit rolls when fighting

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Hi all! A couple of weeks ago I posted my first army list. It was a Combined Arms Detachment, with which I chose 3 artefacts, 1 on my Chaos Lord and 2 on Aspiring Champions. It looked cool, had some positive remarks, and felt good! Yesterday I updated Lone Wolf Army Builder which no entails the Traitor Legion supplement! Yay! So, I went about filling in said 1K army list inthere, only to find out

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Yesterday I went to my FLGS in Utrecht, to pick up some ordered plasma and melta guns, to use with my models (there's always too few on the sprues with the kits...), and a Imperial Agents Codex, to make sure I have official documentation with the Assassins I plan to field. Oh, and some of the paints that are used by Michiel to make up my Night Lords. I want to be able to improve my own skills as

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Just now I got a message from a seller on Marktplaats, a Dutch version of eBay because we Dutch are weird like that, stating he accepts my offer on the following: 5 Raptors 9 Terminators 6 Chosen 1 Psyker in Terminator armor 1 Daemon Prince with wings, without a sword A box full of bits For the lovely price of 75 EUR (65 GBP/79 USD as I'm typing)!! Some of the termies and the chosen are from the

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So, with Dark Vengeance rulebooks and Codices (CSM and Traitor Legions) in hand, I'm dabbling on my first list, with a limit to 1000 points. So I'm aiming for this: 1000 Pts - Chaos Space Marines Roster Combined Arms Detachment (Primary Detachment) (36#, 999 pts) 195 pts - 75 pts base + 5x 13pts/model + 2x 10pts/melta + 1x 35pts/Rhino 9 Chaos Space Marines (Infantry; Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades;

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So, I'm purchasing 2nd hand stuff left an right, getting some STEALS in the process!! However, my mind is reeling on the rules... Which type is a unit? how many can I take? Do I give them upgrades? Are they worth it? Why can't I take a Land Raider Crusader, even though we've had how many Black Crusades!!? And when you look up a unit or formation or detachment, you get to the "They can, unless,

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