The army is coming together, just in time to be late

It's like stepping onto a new world. It feels like the first post on this blog...

I haven't posted about how I've gotten my army-pieces back from my painter few weeks back. After having waited almost half a year.

Ach, Humbug!

I haven't posted about my ideas on building a strikeforce army.

I haven't posted about not having played a single game.

I haven't posted about receiving other plasterpaint for my bases.

I haven't posted about FRIGGIN' Edition 8! I don't even have the Codex yet! It's in the mail though, ready to be picked up at the LFGS this week (I hope).

I haven't posted about my upset about the change to bigger bases (which, FYI, sucks explicative explicative, IMHO).

I haven't posted about the luck I've had of not having based my toons, as I didn't have them yet... Well, now you know ;-)

Anywho!! I'm back! ish...

I've done a couple of rounds in Dungeons and Dragons, the board game. Had my fill, didn't like it enough, and now I have my full (except for shooty tank, ranged soldiers, or flyer) attention for the army at my disposal!

Zeh Army

As you may notice, it's quite the thing! I'm not sure, but it seems I'm still missing a squad of tacticals though...

The rest is all there. Bikes, crazy people with rockets on their backs, zealots, walking tanks, walking daemons, flying daemons and whatnots...

Helbrutes and Daemon prince

Beautiful pool of decay by Dpower

Partially magnetized Raptors plus Lord

Some are missing arms. Their magnetized, will participate fully armed *ba-doom-tish*

ForgeFiend in the middle


From what I've gathered so far, they're awesomesauce, more than before. Their amount of shots HAVE DOUBLED!!!


These have all their arms attached. Through magnets.


Love their color-scheme. The painter did well here :)


Helbrutes closeup

Chaos Lord and Raptors

Nice details on the Lord, I like it.

Zeh box #1

I've bought a Feldherr (I think that loosely translated into fieldmarshal?) transport box: Feldherr HARD CASE 144 Infantry and large Tanks

Very pleased about it, except for the fact I should looked better at the dimensions of the "sockets" to put the minis in. The cultists and normal tacticals fit, but raptors, bikes, termies were already too big, don't mind the rest... You'll see what I mean.

Zeh box #2

Here I've had to cut out the bottom of a tray, stick it to another tray, and then cut some of the "walls", to make enough space to fit in said larger models.

Zeh box #3

All 4 trays (used to be 5).

Zeh box #4

Zeh box #4

So... All caught up! I'd like to get into a match shortly, but it might take a while to get the rules right, and my father-in-law is going to the hospital to get his spine back... Uhm, to have his back set straight again (not as in me yelling at it), so that might need some pampering... ;-)

Oh, and holiday in a few weeks. To Germany most likely, into the Black Forest or Eiffel. Nice, really looking forward to that!!

Ave Dominus Nox!