So... I got a package delivered today, which turned out to be the custom build Chaos Spawn and Konrad Curze - I keep mixing up the initials - statue by "D", all the way from New Zealand!!! While initially it was a bummer as I hadn't anticipated the Customs Clearance fee (of course very legitimate), but seeing what I was paying for, I didn't mind all too much... Drum-roll in the back of my head,

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Hi lads/lasses! Didn't get much done last week, but completely related did have some nice messages from people that are doing commission work for me. Commissions D Power is doing a statue for me, as well as some skinning pits for sideshows/objective markes, and on top of he had extra time on his hands, meaning he has started on a couple of Chaos Spawn!! So thrilled!! 30K Plus 40K has made a

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Hi all, I probably should cut this up in multiple smaller posts and skew the numbers, but hey... It's been a cra-zy week... My mother-in-law was hospitalized for severe headaches which wouldn't recede. Turned out to be some sort of a - undetermined as of yet - viral infection, got sent home with painkillers to keep pain-level bareable. So, in between going back and forth to the hospital, the

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Yesterday I went to my FLGS in Utrecht, to pick up some ordered plasma and melta guns, to use with my models (there's always too few on the sprues with the kits...), and a Imperial Agents Codex, to make sure I have official documentation with the Assassins I plan to field. Oh, and some of the paints that are used by Michiel to make up my Night Lords. I want to be able to improve my own skills as

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Small post on my work today: I built a Land Raider :) See you next time! Kidding of course, but pretty uneventful. Sidenotes With a Land Raider there might be a few shared parts (mostly weapons I guess). Before you start, decide for yourself what to magnetize, and search for the common "denominator" if you have mutliple attachments, and whether or not you want to use it. Read the manual and maybe

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Sidenotes There are a few shared parts in this model. Before you start, decide for yourself what to magnetize, and search for the common "denominator" if you have mutliple attachments, and whether or not you want to use it. read the manual and watch the youtube-videos completely before you start. Know what to expect! (I didn't and you'll see me pay for it lateron) Use Superglue (Secondelijm in

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Yesterday I woke up very early, too early (5.3o AM), and the Mrs. was out for the count (didn't get up until 11 AM-ish), so I had time on my hands. By the end of the day I had removed the following off of the sprue, cleaned the excess/residual particles (what's the proper English term for that anyway!? I mean the little lumps of plastic still on the model-parts when you cut them from the sprue)

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Sidenotes Use Superglue (Secondelijm in Dutch, I used the Gel variant, not Liquid), not Plastic Glues on the magnets. To make sure that magnets polarities are aligned properly I did this: Glue one magnet to the model, and let dry. Attach another magnet to the glued one. If it sticks, the polarity is right. Use a permanent marker (sharpie?) on the side that is visible to you. Let the ink dry. When

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I have a couple of posts to come in my head. I've mostly broke down, reassembled and magnetized a Forgefiend, put together a Culexus Assassin, some cultists and am pondering on which material to use for magnetizing weapons on a Land Raider (ie. can I use pieces a lid of a vegetable jar for instance? Too many words, not enough time made to order them...

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