Added local images, blocked hotlinking, secure content

Today I've spent some time on fine-tuning my site, so others cannot hotlink to my images, slurping on my paid-for-bandwidth. Or using my images on their own behalf, of course...

Anywho, I've indeed added my own images to the website, allowing me to enhance my posts with pictures! :-)

I'm in the process of getting some web software installed, but it seems pretty tedious, so for now I'll stick to Gimp for manual manipulation, ie. resizing those damn 4-6MB 4000x3000 pixels pictures which hardly anyone can actually utilize down to less than 1MB, and maybe create a thumbnail as well.

If all is well, this site should have the entire green little lock next to the URL, meaning that the content on this site is "secure", or at least from secure communications between various locations?

Have a good one!